Call for Irene Photos


How did Tropical Storm Irene impact your life? Do you have photos to share of the storm and its aftermath? If so, please share them with us on Capture My Vermont.

We are looking for your Irene photos for use in an upcoming keepsake book, 2011 Storms: Nature's Wrath in the State of Vermont. Submit your photos today and opt-in to the 2011 Storms agreement to be sure your photos are eligible for selection by our editors.

You must opt-in for your photos to be eligible for this book. The deadline for Irene submissions is September 25th. We expect the book to be out late November.

For a limited time, 2011 Storms: Nature's Wrath in the State of Vermont is on sale for $10 off! In addition to coverage of Tropical Storm Irene, the hard-bound book will also feature the brutal weather we all endured from record snowfall to golf ball-size hail, flooding to Irene's aftermath.

If you have photos of anything Irene related, opt-in and upload your photos. Please be sure your photos are high-resolution, have good, complete captions and are free of watermarks. When our editors start considering photos for publication, a good caption that identifies the subject matter will be very helpful. A high-res image is also needed to print a photo in the book.

Thank you!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published about 7 years ago in Capture My Vermont News