Announcing: Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar

Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar

A New Capture My Vermont Publication

Get your cameras ready and your voting fingers warmed up -- it's time for the next Capture My Vermont publication! FreePressMedia and KeyBank are thrilled to announce the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar. Building on the success of the Capture My Vermont book published last year, we are excited to open submissions and voting for a new way to showcase Vermont photography: a beautiful wall calendar.

What is it?

The best of Vermont, as decided by local photographers and local voters, wrapped in a 15-month fine-art calendar for your wall. Top-scoring photos and editors picks will be featured in the calendar, which will span the 2013 year (plus a few bonus months in 2014). You can pre-order copies now if you'd like!

How many photos will be featured?

It's hard to say for sure, but we plan to feature one photo for each month in the calendar, plus a handful of smaller photos in each month. It's sure to be the best-looking art hanging on your wall for the entire year!

Which photos are eligible?

If you'd like your photos to be eligible for publication in the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar, visit the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar info page, then click "opt in." All of your photos will be eligible and all the votes each has accumulated will count! You must opt-into the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar agreement if you want your photos eligible.

Are there prizes?

Yes! KeyBank has graciously supplied the following prizes:

  • Calendar cover winner - $100 gift card
  • Each month's featured photo (one per month) - $10 gift card

Will new photos be considered evenly with old photos?

Yes! Photos uploaded to date and all the votes you've cast still count, but we'll be sure to look at new photos too! The best way to do this is to look at how photos do on a per-day basis. In other words, we will be looking for both high-scoring photos and photos that have a high daily score in a short amount of time. This way it's fair for both photos that have been collecting votes for a year and photos that are uploaded today going forward.

What's the timeline?

There are two key dates: October 30, 2012 is the last day for new photo submissions and voting to be considered for Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar. December 14, 2012 is when we expect the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar to be released.

One last thing.

If you haven't been active on the Capture My Vermont site for a while, we've added a ton of new features in the past few weeks including: a new homepage style to show off amazing Vermont photography; new navigation to make things as simple as possible; community forums to help users connect with one another, arrange events, critique photos, etc.; and a new share button on every photo page to help you embed your photos on blogs, forums or other websites. We encourage you to jump back in and be an active member of the best Vermont-centric photo site on the internet!

Now, get out there and capture our beautiful area in photography that spans all seasons, then opt-in, upload your photos and vote to shape the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published about 6 years ago in Capture My Vermont News