Capture My Vermont Vol. II Deadline

Capture My Vermont Volume II Deadline

The submission deadline for Capture My Vermont Vol. II is only three weeks from now! There are a few important things to be aware of as the deadline approaches on this second hardcover book of Vermont's best photography.

First, be sure your photos are eligible for consideration in the book. We've made the process as simple as possible. With the click of one button, all your photos, both old and new, will become eligible for selection in the book. Go to the Capture My Vermont Vol. II page and click the "opt in" button near the top. That's it! You must do this before March 3, 2013 if you want your photos to be eligible.

Second, now is the perfect time to jump in and vote for your favorite photos. Although we recently modified the voting system, all your old votes still count. But, we're looking for new votes on new photos to help find the best photos to feature in the second volume. Check out today's Photo of the Day or pick a category, then start voting!

Finally, the Capture My Vermont Vol. II book is on sale right now. Save $10 and get free shipping when you order two or more for a limited time! The book will ship before Mother's Day and well before Father's Day, so grab a few copies as gifts. Place your order now before the discount ends.

Now, get out there and capture Vermont, submit photos for consideration in the second volume and vote like crazy!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 5 years ago in Capture My Vermont News